Imaan Dawah

New Muslims

Imaan Dawah efforts are concentrated around the initial dawah work and inviting people to Islam but the more important follow up effort is scarce, hence reverts find themselves deserted isolated with nobody to turn to and with no sense of belonging or direction

We offer group or one-to-one classes on a flexible or structured basis, have held a number of programmes / workshops and also try to help brothers with any day to day situations they may encounter, to the best of our ability and capacity. We are here to lend an ear just to hear people’s problems too and help provide practical solutions.

We would advise that you don’t feel disheartened if you feel alone at times or encounter problems from family, friends etc as this is part of the struggle. You can contact us and avail of our assistance and attend our classes. Even if it means you want to just speak to someone for advice, we have a number of scholars who will be able to help you.

we are a totally voluntary organisation and we do not charge anything for our services. It is InshaAllah solely for the purpose of provide education and support to our new Muslim brothers and sisters.

If you would like to attend a class to learn about Islam, or need any help / support, or even one to one sessions then please get in touch.

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