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“Invite (all) to the Way of thy Lord with wisdom and beautiful preaching…”

Imaan Dawah is a non-profit organization aimed at dispelling misconceptions about Islam.
Our aim is to create with in our community a feeling of peace, harmony and understanding through engaging dialogue.

We understand the toxic environment and Media Rhetoric we are facing, and hope to combat the bigoted and poisonous rhetoric which aims to blanket the airwaves with blatant misinformation about Islam and what it stands for.

We hope to minimize the damage of these lies by reaching out to our community, and creating an environment of peaceful dialogue, with the hope of clearing misconceptions about Islam.


Objective & Mission

Imaan Dawah is involved in supporting local community and volunteer groups around the country. Our aim is to encourage Muslim communities to engage with the wider society and communicate more openly about common values and the religion of Islam. We feel this creates awareness about the true nature of the Islamic religion and its traditions.

We also regularly roll out value based campaigns through other organisations (e.g. Anti-Racism, Helping the Homeless etc) which support our work and help in our aim to remove common misconceptions about Islam. This helps to reduce unnecessary tensions that often arise between communities due to a lack of understanding.
Below are some of the services we currently offer

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