Imaan Dawah


Da’wah is an Arabic word which has the literal meaning of “issuing a summons,” or “making an invitation.”  This term is often used to describe how Muslims teach others about the beliefs and practices of their Islamic faith. It’s NOT the role of a Muslim to “convert” people, it’s their responsibility to convey the message in a clear, compassionate manner and to plant the seed. It’s up to the Creator to guide an individual, as ultimately – the gift of guidance comes from Allah alone.

“I want to learn how to give Dawah!”

If you would like to learn how to give dawah, or how to help a new Muslim settle into Islam, we can provide training, education & support.

We can help you set up stalls, Open Masjid days and other various dawah activities inshallah.

if you’re interested, please fill in the form below and a member of our team will get back to you inshallah.

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